About Me

Instagram: @tomatogrowingmom

Thanks for visiting! My name is Krista and I am a stay at home wife, mom, and hobby enthusiast.

I grew up in the all too scenic state of Florida. It’s where I met my husband Stephen. We have been on many adventures, but our greatest one yet has been our daughter, CJ.

I have found myself to be very passionate about all things creative. I love to write, paint, decorate, garden, cook, and take photos. Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies over the years.

Why Tomato Growing Mom? Well, I’m passionate about gardening, but it does stand for more than my large variety of homegrown tomatoes. I’m all about personal growth and being that I’m the mom of a tiny human… literal growth too. I just hope that my blog posts inspire someone to fulfill their dreams. Go for what they want. Let’s grow together.

***Disclaimer: This blog is opinion based. I’m a self-taught hobby-enthusiast and my blog posts are merely my own experiences. Please do your own research before taking on a hobby or project that I have talked about here on my blog. Thank you!